​Empowerment Through Education

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Shut out of public education in 2010, Dativa came to her only option, the Kilimahewa Center. Here she is this May with a very proud mother, graduating from A Level High School.  Right now she is taking her Form 6 National Exams to determine her college/university possibilities. Dativa's mother once pounded rocks to make gravel to sell in order that Dativa could come to the Center.

Samwel, the newest member of our sponsored student program, just completed Secondary School, scoring well on his Form 4 national exams. With no viable family support, he was at a dead end. Now he is studying in EdPowerment's  6-month THRIVE program for Form 4 graduates waiting to take their next educational step. His future is restored.

Above: Kelvin, a sponsored student who is serving as an agricultural assistant in our THRIVE program, attended a conference on growing methods in Moshi.  Left below Kelvin: students jump-rope in space now being transformed into a real recreational field (right).

Kilimahewa Educational Centre: 

  • Over 90 students used the Centre this Spring to take academic and skills courses unaffordable elsewhere.
  • Our computer training program excels with 25 Toshiba laptops, full Internet access, up-to-date software and a director whose expertise and dedication benefit every student in his class.
  • Our library got a boost from one of our donors and now offers an added selection of novels oriented to young women.  We have started a girls’ club to discuss articles, videos, stories and participate in “fun” activities that broaden their exposure to life outside their villages.
  • Our agricultural projects – the fish pond and the rabbit project will soon produce income. In the meantime, crops of sweet peppers and cucumbers flourished. Pumpkins are next.  Two of our Sponsored Students, Innocent and Kelvin, have learned crucial skills while assisting Godlisten, our agribusiness manager.
  • We have now started a recreational field to bring exercise, competition and the health benefits of physical activity into the lives of our students.

Kerri & Grace celebrate this year's World Autism Awareness Day March with children from local schools. Just three years ago, Tanzania did not even have a word for Autism.  

Dickson, a History/Georgraphy/Civics teacher who recently joined Kilimahewa's staff has taken over the library, transforming it into a more vibrant, accessible place of learning for all.  Here he inventories the newest of over 800 books - texts, fiction & non-fiction and reference. He is using the most up to date software that Frank, our technology director, taught him.​

This is NOT a normal Tanzanian classroom.  Here, at Kilimahewa, students actively participate in learning - sharing, explaining, questioning, building problem-solving skills to apply in life.​

Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program

[A BRIEF EXPLANATION:  In the Tanzanian system, Primary School students take the PSLE - Primary School Leaving Exam - in Standard or Class 7.  If they fail, their formal schooling is over.  If they "pass" they continue to O (ordinary) Level Secondary School that consists of Forms 1-4.  In November of their Form 4, they take another national exam to determine if they can continue to A (advanced) Level High School Forms 5 -6 the following July.  This is the pre-requisite to university.  Students who do not score well enough on their Form 4 national exam to go to A Levels may apply to shorter Certificate/Vocational or Diploma programs.]

  • This June, our first law school candidate graduates while our first medical school candidate moves on to her final year.
  • Another 9 students are in diploma or university degree programs.
  • Today we can report a group of employed alumni, proving our program’s impact. They hold jobs as masons, auto mechanics, tailors, computer trainers, Pre-K teachers and more.

Next up… 10 Secondary School graduates now are learning vital skills in our THRIVE 6-month program at the Kilimahewa Center. Soon they will receive their A Level postings and leave for their next step in July, having boosted their academic, communication and life skills. 

Connects Autism Tanzania

  • On March 6, Executive Director, Grace Lyimo, and Kerri Elliott, travelled to Dar Es Salaam for a landmark meeting with the Commissioner of Education and his Special Needs Deputy Education Officers.  Supported by needs assessments/data, Grace and Kerri used this breakthrough opportunity to advocate for desperately needed services for the autistic. 
  • World Autism Awareness Day April 2, 2017:   This year, Connects Autism Tanzania facilitated multiple campaigns by empowering local community leaders with small grants to plan and conduct their own events. CA Tanzania itself worked with different District Governments and Education Offices to organize an awareness media campaign, a March in Arusha, Tree Planting events in Siha and Meru Districts, and distribution of awareness materials in Moshi Municipal and Arusha city. Approximately 500 people participated in the Arusha March and celebrations. 
  • On a sad note: On March 31, the eve of this year’s World Autism Awareness Day events, CA Tanzania’s chairperson, Hon. Dr. Elly Macha, died.  Blind since the age of two, Dr. Elly was a fearless advocate for the disabled, leading organizations who fought not only for the rights of the blind but also for all with disabilities. A member of Parliament in Tanzania representing those with disabilities, she was an invaluable mentor to Grace and CA Tanzania.

EdPowerment's three programs continue to change lives for the better.  While the Kilimahewa Educational Center and Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program propel young adults into productive lives formerly unimaginable, our funding of CA Tanzania impacts government and societal attitudes locally and nationally about inclusion of the intellectually disabled.  Your support sustains our service to fellow human beings in need.


Making it against all odds – This sums up EdPowerment’s students and programs in Spring 2017.  Here is how we are forging ahead with (1) your support (2) our dedicated Tanzanian teachers and staff and (3) our determined students.  

Spring 2017