​Empowerment Through Education

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$200: Name on Garden Brick

Asante Sana: Thank You

Project Summary 

$100: Name on Garden Sign

This study garden and patio will be designed by the KIWOCE students and staff as a part of school-wide project, teaching students to work together to plan and to manage a large level project.  When complete it will be utilized by students, members of the community, and all visitors and guests that come to the school.

EdPowerment and KIWOCE will be working together to raise the funds for this project, looking to those who were touched by Tom to contribute to this cause.

We are seeking small donations and large donations with a goal to raise $4,000 to complete the Study Garden.  Those who donate in small amounts will be recognized in our e—newsletters and their names will be posted on our school bulletin board.

Those who donate $100 will have their names posted on a sign in the garden.  Donors of $200 will have their names (or the names of a loved one) posted on a brick in the garden. Donors of $500 donations will help with selecting inspirations quotes to be embedded into the walk way throughout the garden.  No amount is too small or too large to make this project a success.  Funds will provide benches, tables, bricks, walkways, and plants for the garden, as well as tools for ongoing upkeep.   

This will be a way for us to honor our dear friend and teach students the importance of hard work and motivation.  Please consider making a donation today.

Other Amount

$500: Quote for the Garden

The study garden will be located next to the main building at the KIWOCE Open School in Moshi, Tanzania and will be a central focal point for those coming to see the school, meet at the school, or study there.

Tom Kway was a dedicated, hardworking man who taught all students with whom he worked the importance of kindness, friendship and motivation.  An integral part of our EdPowerment family, he recently passed away, leaving a hole in all of our hearts.

At EdPowerment we often push our students to use the opportunities we give them to overcome difficult circumstances, work hard, and find ways to be successful.  During Tom’s time at EdPowerment he was a role model to all our students about how to push oneself to get ahead.  Tom had a smile and an easy manner that made every visitor immediately comfortable.  He was willing to do whatever was necessary to accomplish the task at hand.  He was an exceptional person and he will be missed.

To honor Tom’s memory and to remind everyone about the importance of kindness, friendship and motivation, we plan to build a study garden and patio for students to use while on their educational journey.  This outdoor study space will provide a place for to be inspired, to collaborate with peers, and to be a community, which is what Tom worked so hard to build at with our students.