Education is the key to a better future.

Whether wealthy or poor, gifted or challenged by a disability, financially secure or struggling, every individual needs an education in order to build a satisfying life.

While most western or industrialized nations have extensive educational infrastructures, most developing countries still fail to offer equal access to the most basic classroom instruction. In Tanzania this especially applies to those born into poverty versus privilege.

Our common humanity calls us to assist those whose economic and social environments discourage formal learning. Educating the individual will, in turn, build more stable and tolerant communities and nations.

​Empowerment Through Education


EdPowerment's mission is to create a path of learning for vulnerable adolescents, young adults,  and other struggling members of the Kilimahewa and surrounding villages in northern Tanzania.

EdPowerment works closely with community, educational and social service leaders to bring quality instruction and holistic support to those we serve.

The starting point to improving the quality of life in any community is education. An educated child changes his or her family; an educated family betters the community; an educated community uplifts a society. Our umbrella of programs seeks to set off this chain of events.

Core Beliefs

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