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When EdPowerment formed in 2010 to serve villagers in the Kilimahewa regions, it became immediately clear that without access to clean water, the Kilimahewa Centre for Education (KIWOCE) could not develop. Our first fundraising activities targeted this need and in July 2011, Majitech Engineering dug a successful borehole from which water – good, drinking water – flowed.

In a joyous celebration, the Project began providing water to the school and surrounding poor. A Community Water Committee and KIWOCE Founder, Grace Lyimo, directed the project’s implementation. We have worked with the Centre and local water authorities since then to effectively manage this clean water source.

​Empowerment Through Education

Kilimahewa Water Project

In 2014 and 2015, the Water Project enabled the construction of new buildings and toilet facilities at the Centre funded by Go Campaign. The combination of water access and these buildings subsequently allowed EdPowerment to secure a Rotary Global Grant to introduce Internet-based and agricultural best-
practices courses at KIWOCE.

By 2016, the Project was not producing sufficient water to supply the Centre’s growth. Once again EdPowerment undertook a refurbishment that now makes the project entirely dependent on the latest solar technology. Today the Centre provides makande (a bean and maize porridge) to its students and staff, implements sanitary and cleanliness measures, facilitates drip irrigation vegetable gardens,greenhouse and husbandry projects, and fills the buckets of some of the poorest local villagers.