EdPowerment’s Fiduciary Commitment to You

EdPowerment assures all donors of hands-on deployment of funds in the most thoughtful and responsible manner.

  • EdPowerment's founder's financial support exceeds all administrative costs, allowing 100% of contributions to directly fund EdPowerment’s programs.
  • U.S. oversight and variance analysis of all expenses and receipts on a monthly basis ensures that all monies reach their intended beneficiary.
  • EdPowerment targets all funds to achieve the most lasting and ripple impact in the communities we serve.


KIWOCE Open School
EdPowerment is working closely with the School to help it generate income to cover more of its expenses.

Teachers and Staff Compensation 38,328
Equipment/Books/Supplies 5,667
Facilities Improvement

  Beds for Temporary Hostel  1,620

  New Hostel Phase 1 Construction  23,924
  Recreational/Sports Field 5,595

  Silo Construction & Supplies  5,528

  Water Project Repair Reserve  2,200

Seminars/Camp/Misc  1,102
Security 2,453

Tomorrow's Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program
Tuition, room, meals, board & fees 38,326
Personal supplies, books & pocket money  11,816

Family support  967

Medical:  2,125
Transportation costs: 2,365

Workshops/Events/Misc.   727 
Support for Mrike Secondary School: 3,534

Connects Autism Tanzania
Funding: 34,445* Includes $12,500 Focus For Health Grant

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​Empowerment Through Education