​Empowerment Through Education

Our vibrant, integrated programs bring learning opportunities through the following avenues:

EdPowerment funds this vital community centre that teaches critical skills to surrounding villagers, particularly teens from deprived, often-harsh conditions, and struggling young adults. Quality instruction in English, use of the computer/ Internet, academic subjects, lifeskills coaching and farming best practices enable all who come to the Centre to better their lives.

As funding allows, EdPowerment targets assistance to the community at large.  We have completed a teachers' home and funded a kitchen and toilets to allow the Mary Bennett-Sambarai government primary school to remain open to 700 students.  We also have undertaken other educational projects, life skills seminars, and teacher training workshops.

​Welcome to EdPowerment, Inc.

EdPowerment Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to enabling education for neglected adolescents, teenagers, and villagers unable to access formal education.  Our programs are closely managed and community-based so as to achieve the best outcomes possible for all we serve in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

Although we live in a globally connected world, we still can be disconnected from individuals born into radically different conditions than our own.  EdPowerment bridges this disconnect. EdPowerment enables those with resources  to go beyond their immediate orbit of family, friends and work to help others who must rely on humanitarians to attain a satisfying life.

Make their story part of your story.
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Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program

 Connects Autism Tanzania

The Kilimahewa Water Project 

   Kilimahewa Centre for          Education       (KIWOCE) 

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   Community Outreach                         

Formerly EdPowerment's program, Autism Connects Tanzania, since 2010 the organization has been a pioneering voice for those living with autism and other intellectual disabilities, and their caretakers. In 2015 CAT became an independent registered Tanzanian NGO.  As CAT seeks its own funding for advocacy, vocational and other educational projects, EdPowerment is providing support and guidance during the transition.

EdPowerment mentors, nurtures and funds select post-primary school students who have no resources so that they can continue learning as far as their talents take them. As of 2017 nearly 40 students are enrolled in secondary and high school and vocational, certificate and university degree programs. The goal? Gainful employment and a strengthened community.

EdPowerment undertook the drilling of a water well project in 2011 to facilitate the Centre’s development and provide a clean water source for the local peasant population, who can fill their buckets at the Centre’s outlets. In 2016 a solar refurbishment allowed the water well to service the Centre's expanded agribusiness projects that teach locals best practices.