​Empowerment Through Education

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Free learning. By teaching English and Internet skills, we show those who seek knowledge a way to overcome local limits. Note Khan Academy on Joaquin's screen!

Sponsored students show local peers that IT IS POSSIBLE to learn English, speak confidently, and advance one's own life.  Here William gives the "prize" to the "Camper of the Day."

REACHING PARENTS.  The Kilimahewa Centre for Learning ended its first semester with UNHEARD OF parent-teacher conferences.  The OVERRIDING challenge remains to convince guardians that they should spend their shillings to educate their children.  Only through constant prodding can Kilimahewa make strides in teaching youth whom society, including parents, have discarded.

Teaming up with Rabbit Bliss, another local agri-business project, Kilimahewa is now raising rabbits to contribute to its sustainability.​

Winnie M is home on break before starting her final year of medical school.  The daughter of a villager with a chicken raising business and local store, she has been able to go this far with EdPowerment's tuition contribution and her own determination. Last week she shared a message of positive encouragement with Kilimahewa's students - use EdPowerment's support to the fullest to change your life and that of your family and community. 

OUTCOMES:  Here is Jessica, teaching an English session.  Five years ago, unable to continue in school, Jessica became a sponsored student. Since then she has faced added challenges including the death of her mother from eye cancer. With EdPowerment's holistic support, she has achieved a post-secondary Certificate of Teaching for the primary level and aims to advance further as an independent, self-supporting adult.  

Our agri-business projects are also taking off with the collaboration of Dutch NGO, SEVIA, who team up to educate local farmers.  LISTEN TO OUR HUSBANDRY DIRECTOR AND SCIENCE TEACHER EXPLAIN ABOUT OUR AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS 

120 local teens revelled in hands-on learning at this year's Enrichment Camp.

Science, Math, English, Art, Life Skills and Computers - Each day our Sponsored Students, Kilimahewa teachers and U.S. educators shared new ideas and reinforced key skills with local teens who rarely enjoy active learning. If we light a spark, it might yield new ambitions and ideas for these youth.

Progress begins with one person. One person can move a community. See the impact of EdPowerment's work this summer on an entire community.

KiliCooperative learning. Frank, our Computer Training Director, and Florian, once an out-of-school 13-year-old who now will begin university-level studies, teach a village secondary school student.  

Summer 2016