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Although we live in a globally connected world, we still can be disconnected from individuals born into radically different conditions than our own.  EdPowerment bridges this disconnect. EdPowerment enables us to go beyond our immediate orbit of family, friends and work to help those who must rely on true humanitarians to attain a satisfying life.

EdPowerment Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to enabling education for neglected teenagers and youth with special needs through grassroots, thoughtfully administered, hands-on programs in villages outside of Moshi, Tanzania. Our vibrant, integrated programs bring learning opportunities through three avenues:

Kilimahewa Educational Centre for local teens, most often from broken homes, and struggling adults who live in abject poverty, excluded from public & private education. 

Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program for qualified teenagers, who have no resources, to access secondary through higher or vocational education in order to secure a career.

ACT (Autism Connects Tanzania) educational and advocacy outreach for the intellectually disabled and their families. NEWS!! As of spring 2015, ACT is in the final stage of obtaining official Tanzanian NGO status and led the country's first widespread observance of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2.

In addition, as funding allows, we target assistance to the community at large.  In 2014 EdPowerment funded new toilets to allow the Mary Bennett-Sambarai government primary school to keeps its doors open to 700 students. At the same time, we purchased large quantities of texts for a boarding school that our sponsored students attend to raise the level of learning for all students. 

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