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In today's supposedly globally connected world, it can seem impossible to actually connect with individuals born into radically different conditions than one's own.  EdPowerment makes this kind of personal relationship possible.

EdPowerment Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to enabling education for neglected teenagers and youth with special needs through grassroots, thoughtfully administered, hands-on programs in villages outside of Moshi, Tanzania. Our work brings learning opportunities through three avenues:

Kilimahewa Educational Center for local teenagers from broken homes who have been excluded from public & private education.
Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program for qualified teenagers, who have no resources, to access secondary through higher or vocational education in order to secure a career.
ACT (Autism Connects Tanzania) educational and advocacy outreach for the intellectually disabled and their families.

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Make their story part of your story. You can single-handedly change the prospects of a young person whose only desire is to learn.

Donate to our back to school campaign "Buy Their Bag, Pack Their Bag"

 EIN # 27-2017667

In addition, as funding allows, we target assistance to the community at large.
EdPowerment is a vibrant, integrated source of educational support for vulnerable adolescents who must depend on humanitarians to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to build independent lives.  Learn about the impact of your funding for our initiatives:

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