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The world is your oyster... the world is your playground... the world is your backyard.

EdPowerment Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to enabling education for neglected teenagers and youth with special needs through grassroots, thoughtfully administered, hands-on programs in the villages outside of Moshi, Tanzania. Our work brings learning opportunities through three avenues-

Kilimahewa Educational Center for local teenagers from broken homes who have been excluded from public & private education.
Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program for qualified teenagers, who have no resources, to access secondary through higher or vocational education in order to secure a career.
ACT (Autism Connects Tanzania) educational and advocacy outreach for the intellectually disabled and their families.
… with targeted support for the community at large.  EdPowerment began in 2009 with books and pencils, two school sponsorships, dreams of a water-project, and a desire to seek out and help families with autistic children.  Today EdPowerment is a vibrant, integrated source of support for a community where opportunity depends on the kindness of strangers far away. They are our backyard.

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Make their story part of your story. You can single-handedly change the prospects of a young person born into radically different circumstances.
EIN # 27-2017667
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